Please send me your pictures of Dijkstra so that I can include them in my collection!


  • Edsger W. Dijkstra as student in Leiden. The two pictures were taken in 1948 and 1951, respectively. Many thanks to Mevr A.E. Swierstra-Dijkstra.

Edsger as student in Leiden, 1948, 1951

  • Edsger W. Dijkstra with pipe:


  • Three photos from Paul McJones, taken at the 1973 Marktoberdorf Summer School.

Instructor Dijkstra and student Paul McJones:

Dijkstra and McJones, 1973

Dijkstra’s trip report (EWD385) mentions Dave Redell who took the photograph and McJones because they served as “intelligent terminals” in an “interactive programming session”. Thanks to McJones and his blog.

Brinch Hansen and Dijkstra :

Dijkstra and Brinch Hansen, 1973

Each speaker was awarded a cow bell. Here is Dijkstra with his cow bell:

Dijkstra wearing a cow bell, 1973


  • Wlad M. Turski and Edsger W. Dijkstra:

Turski and Dijkstra?

  • Dijktra in 1981:

Dijkstra in 1981

  • Dijkstra at a workshop in Cambridge, 1986. The man in the grey-blue vest, with the Dijkstra-like leather shoulder bag, is W.H.J. (Wim) Feijen, coauthor of A Method of Programming and coeditor of Beauty is our business. (Thanks to Michiel Wijers for this information.) In the background, the man leaning against a rail is Lincoln Wallen, who was a student of Bundy's at Edinburgh and was Dijkstra's post-doc at Texas around that time.  He then got a post at Oxford, at least by around 1995, but has since decided to become a big-time CTO at a company in California. (Thanks to Bob Harper for this information.)

Dijkstra at a workshop in Cambridge, 1986

  • Dijkstra's tandem bicycle stored in my garage in Leuven, February 2011.

 Dijkstra's tandem bicycle

For Dijkstra's "tandem anecdote" with Andrei Ershov, see EWD1057.


  • EWD's chair (i.e., "leerstoel" in Dutch). Many thanks to Wim Feijen for handing over this chair to me on July 8th, 2015.