Trip to Munich


19 May 1981

On 19 May 1981, Dijkstra spent the day in Munich with Bauer, Broy and Partsch in order to select the participants for the NATO Summer School in Marktoberdorf [EWD790]. It is interesting to note how close Dijkstra and Bauer had become by 1981 (and presumably much earlier).

Dijkstra had spent only one day in Munich --including an evening at Bauer's home in Grafrath, nearby Munich-- and two nights on the train (from Eindhoven to Munich and back). Did he do all this because he was passionated about teaching at the Summer School? To what extent was he treasuring his close professional relationship with Bauer? Contrast this then with the rivalry between Bauer and Samelson on the one hand and Van Wijngaarden, Dijkstra and Naur on the other hand during the ALGOL 60 effort, as alluded to in the `Dijkstra's Rallying Cry ...' paper.