ALGOL 60 Programming School


5 and 6 April, 1961
ALGOL 60 Programming School at Brighton Technical College, April 1961

The family Dijkstra collected many things, including an advertisement in NATURE on 4 February 1961, which mentioned the ALGOL 60 Programming School to be held at Brighton Technical College on 5 and 6 April 1961.

The tutors of the school were:

  • E.W. Dijkstra (Matermatisch [sic] Centrum, Amsterdam)
  • F. Duncan (The English Electric Co., Ltd.)
  • P. Landin (London)
  • P. Naur (Regnecentralen, Danish Institute of Computing Machinery, Copenhagen)
  • M. Woodger (National Physical Laboratory)

Also written on the advertisement in small print:

The object of the school will be to provide those attending not only with an opportunity to hear authoritative explanations of the language, but also, to write short exercise programmes or sections of programmes in ALGOL under expert supervision, and to discuss difficulties with the tutors in "Question and Answers" sessions.