Trip to Warwick, IFIP WG 2.3


16 March - 15 April, 1971

Dijkstra wrote a report in Dutch about his trip to Warwick (England), which took place right before Easter, 1971. The purpose of his trip was to attend an IFIP Working Group 2.3 meeting at Warwick University. Some points in Dijkstra's trip report are of general interest:

  • The way Dijkstra referred to Tony Hoare as "Hoare from Belfast" may suggest that he was not yet very well acquainted with Hoare in early 1971.
  • Dijkstra explicitly stated that the kind of work that Strachey had presented at Warwick was important but definitely not his cup of tea. Strachey had presented part of what would later be called the Scott-Strachey approach to denotational semantics.

The previous two comments are extracted from EWD308, which Dijkstra very likely wrote between 16 march and 15 april 1971.