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November 2012

Last year, I published my interview with Peter Naur in the booklet Pluralism in Software Engineering: Turing Award Winner Peter Naur Explains (Lonely Scholar, 2011). In the meantime, the following two reviews have come out:

Likewise, for my book The Dawn of Software Engineering: from Turing to Dijkstra (Lonely Scholar, 2012), some coverage is already available:

Furthermore, I have also presented a review of George Dyson's book Turing's Cathedral: the Origins of the Digital Universe (Penguin Books, 2012) and praised Paul Ceruzzi's book Computing: A Concise History (MIT Press, 2012) in my 20-minute talk in October 2012 in Brussels, available here.


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nwt magazine gone

nwt magazine is now the Dutch-language edition of New Scientist. Since their website reorganization, their old book reviews are no longer online.