Dijkstra's library

Dijkstra's home in Nuenen — anno January 2011 — contained a large collection of scientific books, booklets, papers, manuscripts, etc. A large part of that collection is now archived by me in Leuven and will be discussed on this page. For the complete inventory, see below.

 College books, early 1950s.

Starting with Dijkstra's years as a student in physics at the university of Leiden, most (if not all) of his notebooks from university are preserved.

 Some of Dijkstra's college books, early 1950s.

 Here are some of the Dutch courses Dijkstra followed in Leiden, translated into English:

  • Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
  • Calculus I and II
  • Physics I and II
  • Function theory I
  • Mathematical theory of Relativity
  • Analytical Geometry I, II, III
  • Thermodynamics
  • Logic
  • Measure and integration theory
  • Relativity theory
  • Descriptive Geometry
  • Electrodynamics
  • Newtonian Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics

Of particular interest is Dijkstra's notes on "Logic". What did he learn as a student in Leiden about logic? A quick glance through his notes reveals that the course was about Socrates, Plato, Aristoteles --- that is, no modern logic seems to have been covered in that course.


Books by E.T. Bell

Dijkstra was inspired by Eric Temple Bell (1883-1960). The following books of him are part of my collection:

  • E.T. Bell, Men of Mathematics: Volume I, First published in 1937. Published in Penguin Books, 1953.
  • E.T. Bell, Men of Mathematics: Volume II, First published in 1937. Published in Penguin Books, 1953.
  • E.T. Bell, Mathematics: Queen and Servant of Science, British edition 1952, reprinted 1954, 1958, 1961, 1966. G. Bell & Sons, Ltd: London.
  • E.T. Bell, The Magic of Numbers, copyright 1946, renewed in 1974. Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1991.

Dijkstra started citing Bell frequently during the mid-1970s, for example in EWD512 and EWD682. In that latter EWD, Dijkstra explicitly referred to:

  • E.T. Bell, The Development of Mathematics, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York-London, 1945.

How did Bell's work influence Dijkstra's thinking?

When visiting Dijkstra's home in Nuenen in January 2011, the shelves in Dijkstra's office were still packed with books. Stacked against the walls were several boxes which Dijkstra had sent to his home in Nuenen from Texas (in 1999/2000). Even very personal information, such as his medical dossier, was still in his office.

With the permission from Edsger W. Dijkstra's family, I was allowed to empty a large part of his office. In total, I took with me 16 boxes of Edsger W. Dijkstra's original possessions. The contents of those boxes are listed on this page.



When visiting Dijkstra's home in Nuenen in January 2011, the shelves in Dijkstra's office were still packed with books. Stacked against the walls were several boxes which Dijkstra had sent to his home in Nuenen from Texas (in 1999/2000). Even very personal information, such as his medical dossier, was still in his office.

With the permission from Edsger W. Dijkstra's family, I was allowed to empty a large part of his office. In total, I took with me 16 boxes of Edsger W. Dijkstra's original possessions. The contents of those boxes are listed on this page.

Summary of the inventory: 

Boxes 1,2,3,4: Books

Box 5: Booklets, Papers, Letters

Box 6: Posters -- Books

Box 7: Books

Box 8: Lecture Notes -- Books

Box 9: Obituaries & Tributes -- pictures and documents -- documents and booklets -- books

Box 10: Collections of EWDs -- manuscripts, booklets, poster

Box 11: Manuscripts, booklets, papers, letters -- posters, prizes, pictures

Box 12: Mainly correspondence

Box 13: Booklets and correspondence

Box 14: Correspondence with Ole-Johan Dahl

Box 15: Correspondence and selected EWDs

Box 16: Books -- translated books -- appreciation -- newspaper articles





Complete inventory:




  • F.L. Bauer, M. Broy (eds), Program Construction, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 1979.
  • P.J. Davis, R. Hersh, The Mathematical Experience, Penguin Books, 1984.
  • P.J. Davis, R. Hersh, Descartes' Dream: The World According to Mathematics, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1987.
  • C.N. Dean, M.G. Hinchey (eds), Teaching and Learning Formal Methods. With a foreword by Edsger W. Dijkstra. Academic Press, 1996.
  • W. Dunham, Euler: The Master of Us All, The Mathematical Association of America, Dolciani Mathematical Expositions No. 22, 1999.
  • H. Freeman, P.M. Lewis II (eds), Software Engineering, Academic Press, 1980.
  • A.J.M. van Gasteren, On the shape of mathematical arguments, PhD dissertation, Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven, 20 December 1988.
    • Contains a separate page of handwriting, presumably Dijkstra's.
  • R. Goodman (ed), Annual Review in Automatic Programming, Vol. 3, Pergamon Press, 1963.
  • R. Goodman (ed), Annual Review in Automatic Programming, Vol. 4, Pergamon Press, 1964.
  • D. Gries (ed), Programming Methodology: A Collection of Articles by Members of IFIP WG2.3, Springer-Verlag New York, 1978.
  • D. Gries, The Science of Programming, Springer-Verlag New York, 1981.
    • Contains a personal note from Gries to Dijkstra, signed on 14 October 1981.
  • D. Gries, F.B. Schneider, A Logical Approach to Discrete Math, Springer-Verlag New York, 1993.
  • A.N. Habermann, On the Harmonious Co-operation of Abstract Machines, PhD dissertation, Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven, 24 October 1967.  
    • Contains a separate CV of Haberman
  • D. Harel, First-Order Dynamic Logic, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, G. Goos & J. Hartmanis (eds), Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 1979. 
  • D.R. Hartree, Calculating Instruments and Machines, Cambridge University Press, 1950. 
  •  C.A.R. Hoare, He Jifeng, Unifying Theories of Programming, Prentice Hall Europe, 1998.   
    • Contains a personal note from Hoare to Edsger and Ria Dijkstra, signed Foxwold, September 1999.




  • J.N. Buxton, B. Randell, Software Engineering Techniques, Report on a Conference Sponsored by the NATO Science Committee, Rome, Italy, October 1969. The Kynoch Press, Birmingham.
  • Essays of E.B. White, First Harper Colophon edition published in 1979. Reissued in Harper-Perennial 1992.
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  • P. Naur, B. Randell, Software Engineering, Report on a Conference Sponsored by the NATO Science Committee, Garmisch, Germany, October 1968. Published in January 1969.
  • J. von Neumann, Collected Works, Volume V: Design of Computers, Theory of Automata and Numerical Analysis, A.H. Taub (ed), Pergamon Press, 1963.
  • C.A. Petri, Kommunikation mit Automaten, Von der Fakultat fur Mathematik und Physik der Technischen Hochschule Darmstadt -- zur Erlangung des Grades eines Doktors der Naturwissenschaften, Bonn 1962.
  • B. Randell, L.J. Russell, ALGOL60 Implementation, A.P.I.C. Studies in Data Processing: No.5, Academic Press, 1964.
    • Contains a personal note from  Randell and Russell.
  • B. Randell (ed), The Origins of Digital Computers: Selected Papers, Springer-Verlag, 1973.
  • H. Rutishauser, Automatische Rechenplanfertigung bei programmgesteuerten Rechenmaschinen: Nr. 3, Mitteilungen aus dem Institu fur angewandte Mathematik -- an der Eidgenossischen Technischen Hochschule in Zurich, Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. E. Stiefel, Birkhauser Verlag -- Basel/Stuttgart, 1961.
  • G. de Santillana, The Crime of Galileo, Mercury Books: No 14, 1961.
  • S.A. Schuman (ed), New Directions in Algorithmic Languages, Prepared for IFIP Working Group 2.1 on ALGOL, Published by Institut de Recherche D'informatique et D'automatique: Domaine de Voluceau, Rocquencourt, 1976. 
  • E. Stiefel, Einfuhrung in die Numerische Mathematik, B.G. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft, Stuttgart, 1961.
  • C. Strachey, The Varieties of Programming Language, Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Programming Research Group, Technical Monograph PRG-10, March, 1973.
  • P.M.B. Vitanyi, J. van Leeuwen, P. van Emde Boas (reds), Colloquium Complexiteit en Algoritmen: Deel 1, Mathematisch Centrum Amsterdam, 1982.




  • F.E.J.M. Baudet, De Maaltijd en de Keuken in de Middeleeuwen, A.W. Sijthoff, Leiden.
  • N. Beets, Leven en Karakter van J.H. van den Palm, Te Leyden, D. Du Mortier en Zoon.
  • N. Beets, Chatepie de la Saussaye, Haarlem de Erven F.Bohn.
  • N. Bohr, Atomtheorie und Naturbeschreibung, vier aufsatze mit einer einleitenden ubersicht von Niels Bohr, Berlin Verlag Von Julius Springer, 1931.
  • C. Delsman, Wiskundige Opgaven met de Oplossingen, door leden van het Wiskundig Genootschap, twaalfde deel, 4e stuk, Amsterdam, 1917.
  • A. France, Le Crime de Sylvestre Bonnard, Paris, 1889.
  • K.R. Gallas, Fransch Woordenboek: Tweede Deel, Sneek, J.F. Van Druten.
  • J. Huizinga, Homo Ludens: Proeve Eener Bepaling van het Spel-element der Cultuur, H.D. Tjeenk Willink & Zoon N.V. -- Haarlem, 1940.
  • D.D. Mayne, The Modern Business Speller, Powers & Lyons, 1901.
  • N. Mulder, Uit den goeden ouden Tijd: Ruim 60, 70 jaar geleden, Zaandijk. -- P.J. Out, 1912.
  • P. Reynders, Perspectief voor de Nijverheids- en Tekenakten, Uitgave N.V. Uitg.-Mij. AE. E. Kluwer - Deventer.
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  • R. Witzenbock, Invariantedtheorie, P. Noordhoff, Groningen, 1923.




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    • With a personal note by Wim H.J. Feijen.
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    • Signed by Feijen, van Gasteren, and others.
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Booklets, Papers, Letters

  • H. Abelson, G.J. Sussman, Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs, Draft version of Technical Report 735, MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, 31 July 1983.
  • E.A. Ashcroft, Functional Programs as Axiomatic Theories, Language Definition Group, C.C.A. Report No. 9, Centre for Computing and Automation, Imperial College.
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  • C.A.R. Hoare, The Axiomatic Method: Part II, Presumably a preliminary version of his famous 1969 paper. 
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  • C.A.R. Hoare, Monitors: an Operating System Structuring Concept. Presumably a pre-print.
  • C.A.R. Hoare, Towards a Theory of Parallel Programming, Preliminary Draft. With a personal letter to Dijkstra.
  • C.A.R. Hoare, Towards a Theory of Parallel Programming.
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  • Los Alamos, 1976. Evening-dinner picture of one hundred or more people, including Dijkstra.
  • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven: poster about the history of computer science. Contains pictures of: Turing, Hoare, Dijkstra, Floyd, Knuth, Cook, De Bruijn, and Weizenbaum.


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Lecture Notes

  • Scheikunde I
  • Analyse I (two versions), II (two versions)
  • Natuurkunde aantekeningen
  • Functietheorie I
  • Anorganische Sheikunde
  • Natuurkunde II
  • Mathematical theory of Relativity
  • Physische Scheikunde I, II
  • Analytische Meetkunde I, II, III
  • Aantekeningen Meetkunde Stereometrie
  • Differentiaalmeetkunde II, III
  • Beginselen van de theorie over de Chemische Bindingen
  • Differentiaalvergelijkingen I, II, III, IV
  • Thermodynamica I, II, III
  • Verslagen Natuurkunde Practicum
  • Organische Chemie I, II, III, IV
  • Logica
  • Maat en integratietheorie
  • Relativiteitsleer
  • Beschrijvende Meetkunde
  • Practicum Analytische Meetkunde
  • Electrodynamica
  • Mechanica der vaste lichamen
  • Oefenzittingen Meetkunde I
  • Classieke Mechanica
  • Statistische Mechanica
  • Addendum bij het comment van programma AP 403.
  • Natuurlijke logarithme voor systeem P9, etc.
  • Matrix-Inversie, Oplossing lineair stelsel, etc.
  • De universele vertaler ALDS-7 en het inleesprogramma ALD-7
  • Handleiding voor het werken met ALGOL-programma's op de electronische rekeninstallatie X 1.
  • Errata
  • Various program texts in one booklet.


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Obituaries & Tributes: flyers, booklets, letters, and articles (with pictures) from newspapers, magazines, and digital media

  • J.H. van Lint, Levensbericht -- Edsger Wybe Dijkstra: 11 mei 1930 - 6 augustus 2002. 3-page document in Dutch.
  • Edsger W. Dijkstra: A Memorial Celebration, Thursday, November 21, 2002, 5:00 - 7:00 pm. Etter-Harbin Alumni Center, Connally Banquet Hall, The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Letter to Mrs. Maria C. Debets Dijkstra. An official invitation by the University of Texas at Austin to remember and honor faculty, staff, students and retirees -- 26 March 2003.  
  • There was only one Edsger, the Newsletter of Computer Sciences, the University of Texas at Austin, Fall 2002.
  • A Tribute to Edsger W. Dijkstra, 14 November 2002, Sun Microsystems, Regis House, London EC4. Booklet of the British Computer Society Advanced Programming Specialist Group, 2002.
  • Edsger W. Dijkstra: 1930-2002, 2-page document.
  • Frontiers of Computing: a Tribute to Edsger W. Dijkstra, 10-11 May, 1990. A list of attendees and program of talks. Three lists of addresses in handwriting and a list in type font.
  • Letter from Hamilton Richards to Mrs. Maria C. Dijkstra-Debets, concerning the memorial celebration in Texas. Letter written on 26 September 2002.
  • Tony Hoare's public remarks at Dijkstra's funeral. 2-page document.
  • EWD1318-0 in original handwriting, entitled Coxeter's rabbit.
  • Correspondence between Kane Kim and Maria C. Dijkstra, winter 2002.
  • J Strother Moore's opening remarks at the Memorial Celebration in Honor of E.W. Dijkstra, 21 November 2002.
  • Shawn Manley's Memories of a Teacher at the Memorial Celebration in Honor of E.W. Dijkstra, 21 November 2002.
  • Xiaozhou Li's In the Presence of Greatness -- A Few Abiding Memories of Dijkstra's Class at the Memorial Celebration in Honor of E.W. Dijkstra, 21 November 2002.
  • David Gries's How can we explain Edsger W. Dijkstra to those who didn't know him? at the Memorial Celebration in Honor of E.W. Dijkstra, 21 November 2002.
  • A collection of articles about Dijkstra and Scholten, publically available on the Internet.
  • Fotokopie van Dijkstra's euthanasieverklaring, 16 mei 2002.
  • UTCS Chairman's Remarks at the Funeral of Edsger W. Dijkstra, 10 August 2002. 
  • PCM Rubrieksadvertenties, advertentie 21856328, 7 augustus 2002.
  • Official flyer, in Dutch, announcing Dijkstra's funeral.
  • Beheersing van computer: enorme uitdaging, Eindhovens Dagblad, p. 7, donderdag 12 juni 1975.
  • Edsger Dijkstra, 72, Physicist Who Shaped Computer Era, New York Times, Saturday 10 August 2002.
  • Meester van eenvoud en elegantie: Informaticus Edser [sic] W. Dijkstra (1930-2002) voorvechter van doelmatig programmeren, Computable, 35e jaargang, nummer 33/34, p. 9, 16 augustus 2002.
  • Briljant informaticus: Edsger Wybe Dijkstra 1930-2002, Leven & Dood, Elsevier (magazine), p. 85, 17 augustus 2002.
  • H. Brandt Corstius, 2-page magazine article in which Dijkstra's A discipline of programming is mentioned.
  • Professor: Researcher simplified computing, newspaper article in the Austin American-Statesman, Thursday 8 August 2002.
  • UT ex-professor revolutionized software growth, newspaper article by Erik Rodriguez, Austin-American Statesman, Thursday 8 August 2002.
  • Joost Steins Bisschop's Op zoek naar meer Nijntjes, newspaper article in het Financiele Dagblad.
  • Edsger W. Dijkstra 1930-2002, 2-page newspaper document in Dutch.
  • Edsger Dijkstra: Pioneering computer programmer who made his subject intellectually respectable, The Guardian -- Obituaries, by Jack Schofield, 19 August 2002.
  • Programmeren in inkt, newspaper article by Marc Laan, Het Parool, vrijdag 9 augustus 2002.
  • Man with a mission, by Danny O'Brien, Sunday Times, UK.
  • Edsger Dijkstra: Freelance thinker whose elegant notes helped to discipline the science of computer programming, The Times London, Friday 9 August 2002.
  • Obituaries in the News -- Edsger Wybe Dijkstra, Washingtonpost e-mail newsletter, washingtonpost.com.
  • Computer science pioneer at UT dead at 72, YAHOO! News.
  • Obituaries in the News , By the Associated Press -- Edsger Wybe Dijkstra, The New York Times on the Web.
  • Dr. Dobb's Software Tools for the Professional Programmer, Copyright 2002 Dr. Dobb's Journal.
  • Dijkstra, pioneer of computer science, dies, by Rupert Goodwins, Thursday 8 August 2002, news.zdnet.co.uk
  • Edsger Dijkstra: RIP, The Register, by Andrew Orlowski, 8 August 2002.
  • Obituary Edsger W. Dijkstra, CWI - Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica, Amsterdam, 8 August 2002.
  • Edsger Dijkstra ist verstorben, PC tip WEBNEWS.
  • Informatikpionier Edsger Dijkstra ist tot, Heise News-Ticker, 8 August 2002.
  • Briljant computerkundige, door Gerlof Leistra.
  • Prof. Dr. E.W. Dijkstra, Eindhovense Dagblad, vrijdag 9 augustus 2002.
  • Grand old man onder de informatici, by Martijin Hover, Eindhovense dagblad, vrijdag 9 augustus 2002.
  • Dr. Edsger Wybe Dijkstra, NRC, donderdag 8 augustus 2002.
  • Dr. Edsger Wybe Dijkstra, Volkskrant, 8 augustus 2002.
  • Wie Wat Waar, Volkskrant, 8 augustus 2002.
  • E.W. Dijkstra (1930-2002): Pionier in informatica, NRC, donderdag 8 augustus 2002.
  • Computerdeskundige Dijkstra Dood, Omroep Brabant, p. 117, 7 augustus 2002.

A map containing pictures and documents

  • Picture of the older Dijkstra playing the piano, entitled: "Hamilton Richards, 26/3/02 12:52 - 0600, possible lead on the Bosendorfer", footnote: "Printed for `Edsger W. Dijkstra' <ewdkstra@xs4all.nl>". File P2190019.JPG
  • Nuenen, 6 maart 2002, 1-page invitation: "Het is ons een grote eer en genoegen om een ieder, die met zoveel zorg en toewijding meegewerkt heeft aan de renovatie van ons huis in de Plataanstraat, uit te nodigen voor een feestelijke maaltijd". With a picture of Edsger and Ria in the garden. 
  • GIRO betaalkaart, in gulden.
  • Drivers license. With a picture, 23 June 1970.
  • acm member card of Edsger W. Dijkstra. Expiry date: 06/85. Member since: 06/65.
  • Inschrijvingsbewijze aan de Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden, studiejaren 1948/49, 1949/50, 1950/51, 1951/52, 1952/53, 1953/54, 1954/55. With corresponding pictures (pasfoto's) of the young Dijkstra.
  • Identiteitskaart, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, studiejaar 1955/56. With a picture of the young Dijkstra.
  • 2-page official document of the Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven, 1979. The document states Dijkstra's achievements until 1977.
  • Donorkaart voor het Nederlandsche Roode Kruis Bloedtransfusiedienst. Contains a picture of the young Dijkstra and the dates (up til 1969) when he donated his blood to the Red Cross. Enclosed with an official thank you certificate of the Red Cross.
  • Legitimatie kaart van de Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven. A card announcing that Dijkstra has public access to the buildings of the Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven. With a picture of Dijkstra.
  • Official letter of N.V. Philips' Computer Industrie, 15 November 1967. Signed by J. Berghuis. The invitation is to discuss the P2000 family.
  • Herinnering aan Dijkstra -- Herinnering aan Holland, Dutch poems by Marloes van Lierop and H. Marsman respectively. GEWIS - Jaarboek 90/91.
  • Tante's Testament, Dutch poem by Koos Speenhof.
  • A small collection of short Dutch poems, some handwritten, some in type font.

A map containing documents and booklets

  • Beknopte Afstandswijzer reizigersverkeer, N.V. Nederlandsche spoorwegen, gevestigd te Utrecht, 1951, Herdruk 1954. Booklet.
  • bit 6, June 1979, in Japanese or Chinese. Booklet.
  • List of publications, Prof. dr. E.W. Dijkstra.
  • Things I would like to do (they are not all unrelated), handwritten notes of Dijkstra, 18 January 1973.
  • Verslag van bezoek aan Washington, Maart 1973, handwritten EWD368.
  • Aan de leden van de Commissie Wetenschapsbeleid, handwritten EWD281.
  • W. May, Calculation of the stereographic pole figure of the cubic lattice for any given direction, Koninklijke Nederlandsche Akademie van Wetenschappen, North-Holland Publishing Company, 1947.

A map containing documents and booklets

  • A copy of EWD1000.
  • A letter/postcard to Dijkstra from Keith Marzullo, congratulating Dijkstra with his 1000nth EWD.
  • Likewise, by Huub Schols.
  • Likewise, by Guang Zhou.
  • Likewise, by Ed Cohen.
  • Likewise, by Luboi Brim.
  • Likewise, by Per D. Gorebo.
  • Likewise, by Ronan Burgess.
  • Likewise, by Heinz Brix.
  • Likewise, by Evert R. Sluiter.
  • Likewise, by E. Kranakis.
  • Likewise, by Jayadev Misra.
  • Likewise, by Robert L. Baber.
  • Likewise, by Elizabeth Luntzer.
  • Likewise, by Gregory R. Andrews.
  • Likewise, by Fred B. Schneider.
  • Likewise, by Peter from SRI International.
  • Likewise, by G. Seegmuller.
  • Likewise, by Wim H. Hesselink.
  • Likewise, by Mohamed G. Gouda.
  • Likewsie, by Narain Gehani.
  • Likewise, by R.T. Boute.
  • Likewise, by Charles L. Seitz.
  • Likewise, by Alain.
  • Likewise, by Martin.
  • Likewise, by Jo Ebergen.
  • Likewise, by a nephew of Dijkstra.
  • Likewise, by Netty.
  • Likewise, by Warren A. Hunt, Jr.
  • Likewise, by Jim Horning.
  • Likewise, by Paul M.B. Vitanyi.
  • Likewise, by John v. Meurs.
  • Likewise, by Bob Boyer.
  • Likewise, by Richard D. Schlichting.
  • Likewise, by Maarten Fokkinga.
  • Likewise, by D.W. Braben.
  • Likewise, by Mani Chandy.
  • Likewise, by Lex Bijlsma.
  • Likewise, by Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut.
  • Likewise, by Meruig Beynon.
  • Likewise, by Dan Craigen.
  • Likewise, by Heikki Saikkonen.
  • Likewise, by Gerald Futschek.
  • Likewise, by Anne Kaldewaij.
  • Likewise, by several people from the department of mathematics and computing science, Groningen university.
  • Likewise, by J. Klunder.
  • Likewise, by Jan Koen Annot.
  • Likewise, by Kees Vees.
  • Likewise, by Peter H.J. van Eijk.
  • Likewise, by Greg Nelson.
  • Likewise, by Piet Medena
  • Likewise, by Henk Dijkstra.
  • Likewise, by Henk Middendorp.
  • Likewise, by W.M. Turski.
  • Likewise, by Hamilton Richards.
  • Likewise, by Bas Braams.
  • Likewise, by Stef Joosten.
  • Likewise, by J.-M. Goethals.
  • Likewise, by M. Davio.
  • Likewise, by Koos Delcour.
  • Likewise, by P.J. Courtois.
  • Likewise, by Boelhont.
  • Likewise, by Manfred Broy.
  • Likewise, by Remi H. Bourgonjon.
  • Likewise, by P. Stam.
  • Likewise, by F.H.U. Frank.
  • Likewise, by Lambert Meertens.
  • Likewise, bySimon Klaver and several colleagues.
  • Likewise, by Gerard Tel.
  • Likewise, by Ben Waumans.
  • Likewise, by Morak.
  • Likewise, by Dominique de Waleffe, Pascal Gribomont, Andre  Rifant, Dominique Roelants.
  • Likewise, by Evan Splett.
  • Likewise, by Paul Koning.
  • Likewise, by Richard L. Carrion.
  • Likewise, by Frank K. Bamberger.
  • Likewise, by Bill Immerman.
  • Likewise, by David L. Barton.
  • Likewise, by W. Paul de Roever and others, including A. Emerson.
  • Likewise, by John E. Carson.
  • Likewise, by J.G. van den Hanenberg.
  • Likewise, by Kenneth W. Shrum.
  • Postcard from members of the Computer Aided Design for VLSI Systems, congratulating Dijkstra for his 1000nth EWD.
  • An alphabetically ordered list of colleagues.


  • E.T. Bell, Mathematics: Queen and Servant of Science, G. Bell & Sons, London, 1966.
  • R. Bird, O. de Moor, Algebra of Programming, Prentice Hall, 1997.
  • R.S. Boyer, J Strother Moore (eds), The correctness problem in computer science, Academic Press, 1981.
  • M. Broy, G. Schmidt (eds), Theoretical Foundations of Programming Methodology: Lecture Notes of an International Summer School, directed by F.L. Bauer, E.W. Dijkstra and C.A.R. Hoare, NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series, 1982.
  • K.M. Chandy, J. Misra, Parallel Program Design: a Foundation, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1988.
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  • P. Laplante, Great Papers in Computer Science, West Publishing Company, 1996. Enclosed with a letter to Dijkstra, 3 April 1996.


BOX 10

Two maps: collections of EWDs, not the originals.

Manuscripts, Booklets, Poster

  • ALGOL 60, elektronische datenverarbeitung, Bericht uber die Algorithmische Sprache ALGOL 60, Die Programmierung in ALGOL 60, ALGOL 60-Programme fur das Verfahren von Holzer-Tolle, Praktische Erfahrungen im ALGOL-Betrieb, Friedr. Vieweg & Sohn, Braunschweig, 1963.
  • C. Bron, ALGOL-60: een inleiding in het ontwerpen van algorithmen voor rekenautomaten, Onderafdeling der toegepaste wiskunde, Technische Hogeschool Twente, augustus 1973.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, An attempt to unfiy the constituent concepts of serial program execution, MR 46, stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Rekenafdeling, Paper to be presented at the Symposium on Symbolic Languages in Data Processing, Rome, March, 1962.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, EWD242: Algorithmen, Cursusjaar 1971-1972, Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven, Onderafdeling der Wiskunde.
  • Herorienteringscursus "Computer Wiskunde" Algorithmen en rekenmachine, Commissie Modernisering Leerplan Wiskunde, Technische Hogeschool te Eindhoven, Universiteit te Utrecht en te Amsterdam, te houden van: 11 tot en met 15 september 1967, 8 tot en met 12 januari 1968.
  • F.E.J. Kruseman Aretz, de ALGOL 60-vertaler van E.W. Dijkstra en J.A. Zonneveld voor de Electrologica X1: aangeboden aan Edsger en Ria ter gelgenheid van hun 40-jarig huwelijksfeest, april/juni 1997.
  • P.J. Landin, A Formal Description of ALGOL60, IFIP Working Conference on "Formal Language Description Languages", Vienna 1964.
  • P. Naur (ed), Report on the Algorithmic Language ALGOL 60, Regnecentralen, Copenhagen, 1960. Two copies of Dijkstra.
  • P. Naur (ed), A Manual of GIER ALGOL III, second edition of A Manual of GIER ALGOL, A/S Regnecentralen, Copenhagen, 1964. 
  • M. Nivat, N. Nolin, Contribution to the Definition of ALGOL Semantics, IFIP Working Conference on "Formal Language Description Languages", Vienna 1964.
  • SOFSEM 84, a poster with a picture of Dijkstra and a title: "A sequel to EWD740".
  • N. Wirth, C.A.R. Hoare, A Contribution to the Development of ALGOL, Technical Report 35, Computer Science Department, Stanford University, 24 December 1965, revised: 12 February 1966.


BOX 11

Manuscripts, Booklets, Papers, Letters

  • C. Babbage, On the Mathematical Powers of the Calculating Engine, 26 December 1837. Cover letter by B. Randell, August 1972.
  • British Computer Society -- Tribute to Edsgar [sic] Dijkstra, letter to Mrs. Dijkstra on 9 December 2002.
  • Computer Sciences: The University of Texas at Austin, Annual Report -- February 1998.
  • face tue face..., Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, booklet of the faculty, September 1992.
  • S.R. De Groot, Electromagnetisme Deel II: Relativiteitstheorie en Electronen Theorie, College 1949-50.
  • S.R. De Groot, Statistica: Deel I + II, College 1951-52.
  • B.C. Dijkstra-Kluyver, Sprokkel 258: De vier raaklijnen van Feuerbach.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, De Logische Automaat in Academisch Milieu, uitgesproken bij de aanvaarding van het ambt van gewoon hoogleraar in de afdeling der algemene wetenschappen aan de technische hogeschool te Eindhoven op vrijdag 14 december 1962. Two copies.
  • E.W. Dijkstra's overhead sheets of the Geneva Conference in 1973. Cover letter by F.W. Pfaeffle, 8 February 1974.
  • E.W. Dijkstra's letter to K.N. Levitt and L. Robinson concerning hierarchically structured programs., 20 June 1974.
  • E.W. Dijkstra's overhead sheets on calculi, mathematics, and more.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, W.H.J. Feijen, The Linear Search Revisited, Structured Programming, 1:3-7, 1989. Draft paper.
  • E.W. Dijkstra's handwritten notes of the preface of Dijkstra's & Scholten's 1990 book.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, two letters to J. Gutknecht, 25 January 1989 and 6 September 1996.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, The Early History of Computing Science [on the occasion of the 7th IOI], original overhead sheets by Dijkstra.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, list of publications.
  • J.J. Horning, B. Randell, Process Structuring, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Technical Report Series, Nr. 31, March 1972.
  • Leden van de vereniging van echtgenoten van hoogleraren en lectoren T.H.E., maart 1978.
  • K.N. Levitt, L. Robinson, Letter to E.W. Dijkstra concerning hierarchically structured programs., 14 June 1974.
  • Levensberichten en herdenkingen 2004, Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, Amsterdam 2004.
  • In Memoriam Edsger Wybe Dijkstra (1930-2002).
  • P.G. Neumann, R.S. Fabry, K.N. Levitt, L. Robinson, J.H. Wensley, On the Design of a Provably Secure Operating System, Stanford Research Institute, to be presented at the International Workshop on Protection in Operating Systems, IRIA, Paris, 13-14 August 1974.
  • P.G. Neumann, L. Robinson, R.S. Boyer, A.R. Saxena, A Provably Secure Operating System, SRI Project 2581, Final Report, Stanford Research Institute, 13 June 1975.
  • B. Randell, C.J. Kuehner, Dynamic Storage Allocation Systems, IBM Research, RC 1837, 9 June 1967.
  • B. Randell, Ludgate's Analytical Machine of 1909, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Technical Report Series, Nr. 15, January 1971.
  • B. Randell, Operating Systems: the Problems of Performance and Reliability, 1 February 1971. Paper to be presented at IFIP 71, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, 23-28 August 1971.
  • B. Randell, On Alan Turing and the Origins of digital computers, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Technical Report Series, Nr. 33, May 1972. 
  • Western Joint Computer Conference, booklet of abstracts, May 1961.

Posters, Prizes, Pictures

  • Citation 2002 C&C Prize, awarded to Dr. Edsger Wybe Dijkstra by Tadahiro Sekimoto, 30 October 2002.
  • Two group pictures of a Cambridge workshop, 1986.
  • Poster: "...One of the greatest victories of US in the cold war was Russian's decision to manufacture IBM/360...", copyright L'Informatique.
  • Poster award given to E.W. Dijkstra: For being an Excellent Director of the `1990' International Summerschool on Programming and Mathematical Method, signed by the participants.
  • Group picture of a conference. On the first row: Dijkstra, Gries, and Hoare.
  • Picture of Nuenen from the sky.
  • More pictures ...
  • Picture of the Tuesday Afternoon Club, 1980. And a similar picture in December 2001.
  • ACM Turing Award 1972, proof of 1000 dollar receipt.


BOX 12

Map 1

  • Advanced course on computer systems architecture -- list of lecturers.
  • Advanced course on computer systems architecture -- list of participants.
  • J. Arsac, Les Langages Sans Etiquettes, September 1973. Booklet of the University of Paris VI, Institut de Programmation. Accompanied with handwritten notes, presumably by J. Arsac.
  • Letter from Scholten to Theeven concerning his trip to Grenoble with Dijkstra. 27 November 1973.
  • Letter from Bolliet to Dijkstra concerning the Schedule of the Advanced Course at Grenoble. 9 November 1973.
  • Several more letters between Dijkstra and French researchers: Arsac, Robinet and others.

Map 2

  • Correspondence between Weeks and Dijkstra concerning the Burroughs's Structured Programming seminar on 16-23 January 1974 on Catalina Island. 21 November 1973.
  • Letter from Dijkstra to Hoare on the Burroughs's Structured Programming seminar. 27 November 1973.
  • DATALERT, Burroughs Technical Information Resources Center, July/August 1981.
  • Correspondence between Bell and Dijkstra concerning Dijkstra's visit to the University of New Mexico. Correspondence: November 1973.

Map 3

  • Correspondence between Bolliet and Dijkstra concerning the Advanced Course on Computer Systems Architecture: 10-21 December 1973.

Map 4

  • I.U.C.C. Computer Science Colloquium, 18-21 September 1973, Abstracts of Papers to be given at the Colloquium.
  • Correspondence between the University of Kent at Canterbury and Dijkstra concerning the Colloquium. Correspondence: 10 September 1973.
  • Correspondence between the University of Reading and Dijkstra concerning the Colloquium. Correspondence: 27 March 1973.
  • Correspondence between Dijkstra and Verwey, 4 July 1973. Concerning Dijkstra's talk for the `Natuurkundig Genootschap te Rotterdam'.

Map 5

  • Correspondence between David N. Freeman  and Dijkstra, June 1971, with a request for a sabbatical at Eindhoven.
  • Correspondence between J. van Lint, Savage, Dijkstra and others, 1972-973, concerning Savage's Senior Fulbright-Hays Lecturing and Research Award.

Map 6

  • Correspondence (1973) between the members of IFIP Working Group 2.3.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, On the axiomatic definition of semantics, draft version, containing hand-made corrections. EWD367.
  • F.G. Duncan, D. Zissos, M. Walls, A Postfix Notation for Logic Circuits.
  • C.A.R. Hoare, Monitors: an Operating System Structuring Concept.
  • International Federation for Information Processing - Working Group 2.3 (Programming Methodology) (As at 1 November 1973): Membership List.
  • A. Koestler, a passage taken from his The Act of Creation.
  • J. Reynolds, Fast Exponentiation, copy of his overhead sheets.
  • D.T. Ross, An Essay on Structure and Modularity, August 1972.
  • M. Woodger, On Semantic Levels in Programming.
  • H. Zemanek, What is informatics?, Management Informatics, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1972.

Map 7

  • Correspondencen between R.G. Canning, R.M. Davis and others and Dijkstra, 30 January 1973. Concerning: Software Engineering Workshop on 4-6 March 1973, Washington.

Map 8

  • M. Hopkins, The Programmer as Hero, 8 october 1971.
  • Correspondence between Dijkstra and the Aarhus university concerning the Aarhus Open House on Semantics of Programming Languages, January 1973.

Map 9

  • Correspondence between Peter M. Neely and Dijkstra on the need for a new programming language. Autumn 1972.

Map 10

  • Advanced Course on Computer Systems Architecture, list of participants, list of lecturers, schedule of the lectures.
  • F. Anceau, Synchronisation in Hierarchical Systems.
  • Correspondence between Bolliet and van Dongen concerning Dijkstra's trip expenses to Alpe d'Huez. 13 April 1973.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, Advanced Course on Computer Systems Architecture (Grenoble, December 1972) -- Summary of the talks on "Programming Methodology" by Edsger W. Dijkstra. EWD356.
  • C. Delobel, Projet de 4 conferences: temps: 5 heures.
  • E. Gelenbe, Modelling Computer Operating Systems: Two Case Studies.
  • R.P. Goldberg, Architectural Principles for Fourth Generation Virtual Computer Systems - Summary.
  • J.D. Ichbiah, The LIS System Implementation Language.
  • L. Pouzin, Computer Network Course (oultline), IRIA, August 1972.
  • M. Rem, Reisverslag Advanced Course on Computer Systems Architecture, Alpe d'Huez, 4-15 December 1972.
  • G. Seegmuller, The Identification and Nature of Operating System Interfaces, Abstract.
  • P. Ullmann, Cooperation entre taches, et dispatching, 18 January 1971.
  • R.J. Waldinger, Automatic Program Verification, November 1972.

Map 11

  • Correspondence between Seidel and Dijkstra, 2 August 1965.
  • Correspondence between H.J. van der Beek and Dijkstra, 26 May 1966.
  • Correspondence between Dijkstra and some of his colleagues in Eindhoven concerning C. Bron's research proposal, Spring and Summer 1971.


BOX 13

  • J. Bomhoff, W.H.J. Feijen, Synchronisatie van en Communicatie tussen Sequentiele Processes in een Boomgestructureerd Dynamisch Uitbreidbaar Systeem, October 1970, T.H.E., afstudeerverslag.
  • A.J.M. van Gasteren, On the Hopcraft/Tarjan Planarity Test, Master's thesis, Department of Mathematics, Eindhoven University of Technology, october 1978.
  • Picture of Dijkstra and van Gasteren in Dijkstra's office in Nuenen.
  • A.N. Habermann, Critical Comments on the programming language PASCAL, MRM/41, The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Computing Laboratory, February 1973.
  • A.N. Habermann, Bracket Game, MRM/47, The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Computing Laboratory, June 1973.
  • A.N. Habermann, The Equivalence of some Deadlock-Avoidance Criteria, Technical Report Series, Nr. 52, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, September 1973.
  • A.N. Habermann, A Spectrum of Deadlock-Avoidance Strategies, Technical Report Series, Nr. 53, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, September 1973.
  • A.W. Holt, Nets, Time and Space, 3/7/1972.
  • R.E. Keirstead, On the Feasibility of Software Certification, Grant No. GJ 36903X1, SRI Project 2385, Final Report.
  • F.J. Murray Laver, Computing and Communications, Technical Report Series, Nr. 66, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, October 1974.
  • logica 1982, booklet: Logica jaarverslag 1982. And some more booklets by logica.
  • De opleiding tot wiskundig ingenieur en de herstructurering van het wetenschappelijk onderwijs, December 1974, nota van de onderafdelingen der (Toegepaste) Wiskunde van de Technische Hogeschool Delft, Eindhoven, Twente.
  • R.J. Waldinger, K.N. Levitt, Reasoning About Programs, Technical Note 86, SRI Project 2245, October 1973, Revised March 1974.

Map 1: T.U.E. 1973-1984

  • Attendance List of the 1975 Conference on Reliable Software.
  • Letter from R.W. Gould to Dijkstra concerning C.L. Seitz's tenure, 25 March 1980.
  • Letter from C. van Egmond to Dijkstra concerning H.J.M. Goeman's research.
  • Correspondence between Y. Wilks and Dijkstra, January 1984.
  • Conceptual agreement form between T.H.E. and Dijkstra, 1985.
  • Correspondence between A. Heijligers and Dijkstra, 26 September 1984 and 7 november 1985.
  • Correspondence between A. Heyligers and R. van Lieshout, 12 February 1986.
  • Letter to T.H.E. by Seidel and Dijkstra, early 1963.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, Information Streams Sharing a Finite Buffer, Information Processing Letters 1, 179-180, 1972.
  • Letter to Dijkstra by Good, Boyer, and Strother Moore, 29 February 1984.
  • Correspondence between W. van der Meiden and J.F. Blackburn, 5 March 1984.
  • Correspondence between Braben and Krens, 2 February 1984.
  • Transcript of J.W.H. Tangelder's afstudeerprogramma voor het ingenieursexamen wiskunde, 1979-1983.
  • Likewise for A. Leijnen.
  • Likewise for H.M.J.L. Schols.
  • Likewise for J.C. Ebergen.
  • Letter to Dijkstra from Bob Vandenbosch, 19 December 1983.
  • Letter to Dijkstra from R. Nemes, 10 December 1983.
  • Letter to Dijkstra from J.C.A. Tang, 13 September 1983.
  • Letter to Dijkstra from K.V. Karlstrom (Prentice Hall editor), 1994.
  • Official invitation for J.L.A. van de Snepscheut's PhD defense, 14 october 1983. Corresponding letter by F.E.J. Kurseman Aretz, 25 August 1983.
  • Correspondence between Huijgen and van neerven, summer 1983.
  • Correspondence between S. Ronn and A. heijligers, 31 March 1983.
  • Correspondence between L.S. Tigchelaar and Dijkstra, 19 January 1983.
  • Correspondence between W.L. den Dekker and Dijkstra, 1 March 1983.
  • I. Catt, The New Bureaucracy, Wireless World, December 1982.
  • Letter to Dijkstra from J. Roberts (logica BV), 25 February 1983.
  • Correspondence between F.G. Insinger and Dijkstra, 21 February 1983.
  • Correspondence between F.T. Krogh and L. Fosdick, 24 February 1983.
  • F.T. Krogh, (Additional) Coments on a Problem in Concurrent Programming Control, Section 366 Computing Memorandum No. 497, 21 February 1983.
  • Official letter by Rem concerning the PhD committee of van de Snepscheut, 27 February 1983.
  • Letter to Dromey by Rem, 22 February 1983.
  • Letter to Dijkstray by J.H. Collins, 13 January 1983.
  • Letter to Wexelblatt by Duncan concerning Dijkstra's truths, 16 May 1982.
  • Letter to Dijkstra from C.K. Yuen, 11 September 1982.
  • Letter to Dijkstra from A.J. Algra, 26 November 1982.
  • Letter to Dijkstra from N. Howard, 6/4/1982.
  • Letter to Wiechers from F. van Neerven, 28 May 1982.
  • Letter to Dijkstra from A. Verbraeck, 4 May 1982.
  • Letter to Dijkstra from K.V. Karlstrom, 25 March 1982.
  • Letter to Dijkstra from B. Carroll, 21 April 1982.
  • Correspondence between Dijkstra and R. Sulonen, April 1982.
  • Letter to the professors of Mathematics & Informatics of the T.H.E. from M. van der Meiden, 17 February 1982.
  • RC-Mededeling nr. 137, februari 1982, Directeur THE-Rekencentrum.
  • Several letters to the faculty of the T.H.E., winter 1982.
  • Likewise by M. Rem, 29 January 1982.
  • Letter to J. Nijman from W. van der Meiden, 20 Augustus 1981.
  • Letter to colleagues by Dijkstra, Lunbeck, Kruseman Aretz, and Rem, 4 December 1981.
  • Letter by J.G. Voskamp, 18 November 1981.
  • Vergadering Sectie Wiskunde KNAW dd. 28 September 1981.
  • Correspondence between A. Caplin and Dijkstra on APL, May 1981, January 1982.
  • Subsidie-aanvragen wiskundig onderzoek, Circulaire SMC 81-04, December 1981. And correspondence between E.A. van Zelm and Dijkstra, 23 December 1981.
  • Correspondence on Verlaging leeftijdsgrens hoogleraren/lectoren, T.H.E., winter 1975.
  • Correspondence on Verslag van de vergadering van de Vertrouwenscommissie op 19 november 1975 te Amsterdam, 21 november 1975.
  • Vergadering Sectie Wiskunde K.N.A.W., 28 october 1978.
  • Vergadering Sectie Wiskunde K.N.A.W., 24 september 1977.
  • Vergadering Sectie Wiskunde K.N.A.W., 29 january 1977.
  • Vergadering Sectie Wiskunde K.N.A.W., 27 november 1976.
  • Vergadering Sectie Wiskunde K.N.A.W., 24 april 1976.
  • Vergadering Sectie Wiskunde K.N.A.W., 27 maart 1976.
  • Vergadering Sectie Wiskunde K.N.A.W., 31 january 1976.
  • Vergadering Sectie Wiskunde K.N.A.W., 20 december 1975. And corresponding letters by N.G. de Bruijn.

Map 2: T.H.E. 1981

  • Letter from Dijkstra and Feyen to their colleagues at T.H.E., 24 September 1981.
  • Letter from J. Korevaar to colleagues, Amsterdam, 19 Augustus 1981.
  • Letter from L.H.M. Janssen to colleagues, Eindhoven, August 1981.
  • Transcript of E.E.M. van Berkum's afstudeerprogramma voor het ingenieursexamen wiskunde, 1973-1977.
  • Likewise for A.M.H. Gerards.
  • Likewise for W.J.M. Halve.
  • Likewise for J.A.H.M. Koolen.
  • Likewise for J.W.C.A. Lokin.
  • Likewise for J.H.M. Paquay.
  • Likewise for J.A. Riedel.
  • Likewise for T.L.A. Verhagen.
  • Likewise for L.M.M. Veugen.
  • Document V.I. 16 from F.J. Peeters to faculty of T.H.E.'s mathematics and informatics department, 26 November 1981.
  • Notulen van de 104e examenvergadering van de onderafdeling der Wiskunde en Informatica, gehouden op 3 juli 1981.
  • Aan de Vaste Commissie voor de Examens in de wiskunde, 25 September 1981.
  • Correspondence between N. Jones and Dijkstra concerning Varga's book Program Analysis and Synthesis, 16 September 1981.


BOX 14

Correspondence with Ole-Johan Dahl

  • O.-J. Dahl, Linear Programming on the Mercury Computer: The Multiplex Method, Intern rapport F-375, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Oslo, Norge, March 1959.
  • O.-J. Dahl, A Comparision [sic] Between the Simplex and Multiplex Methods, Teknisk Notat F-22, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Oslo, Norge, June 1959.
  • O.-J. Dahl, The NDRE Test Programme, Intern rapport S-01, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Oslo, Norge, March 1960.
  • O.-J. Dahl, Explanations to the Multiplex Programme, Technical Note S-03, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Oslo, Norge, March 1960.
  • O.-J. Dahl, Automatisk Kodning - Et Prosjekt Ved Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, pp. 135-141.
  • O.-J. Dahl, MAC BULLETIN I, Teknisk Notat S-15, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Kjeller - Lillestrom, Norge, June 1960.
  • O.-J. Dahl, MAC BULLETIN II, Teknisk Notat S-17, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Kjeller - Lillestrom, Norge, September 1960.
  • O.-J. Dahl, MAC BULLETIN III, Teknisk Notat S-25, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Kjeller - Lillestrom, Norge, January 1961.
  • O.-J. Dahl, MAC BULLETIN IV, Teknisk Notat S-27, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Kjeller - Lillestrom, Norge, June 1961.
  • O.-J. Dahl, J.V. Garwick, Programmer's Handbook for the FERRANTI MERCURY COMPUTER FREDERIC at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, 3rd edition, Revised by H. Keilhau, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Kjeller - Lillestrom, Norway, 1962.
  • O.-J. Dahl, BEREGNING AV SJOKKBOLGER VED KRAFTIG EKSPLOSJON, Kjeller, Teknisk Notat S-48, 16 October 1962.
  • O.-J. Dahl, VEDLIKEHOLD AV DIP/MAC, Kjeller, Teknisk notat S-49, 23 October 1962.
  • O.-J. Dahl, K. Nygaard, Preliminary Presentation of the SIMULA Language (as of May 18th 1963) and Some Examples of Network Descriptions, Norwegian Computing Center, Lysaker, Norway.
  • O.-J. Dahl, MAC BULLETIN V MACROS, Teknisk Notat S-57, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Kjeller - Lillestrom, Norge, June 1963.
  • G.M. Birtwistle, SIMULA: basic concepts and a case study, Document/paper of the Norwegian Computing Center Oslo.
  • O.-J. Dahl, The SIMULA Language, Document/paper of the Norsk Regnesentral.
  • O.-J. Dahl, Proposed File Organization, Notat, 2/7 - 1963.
  • O.-J. Dahl, The SIMULA Data Structures, Document/paper of the Norwegian Computing Center Oslo.
  • O.-J. Dahl, Proposed Paper Tape Input Parasite.
  • O.-J. Dahl, The SIMULA Storage Allocation Scheme, Norwegian Computing Center, November 1963.
  • O.-J. Dahl, SIMULA Status report 1/1-64, Norwegian Computing Center.
  • O.-J. Dahl, K. Nygaard, THE SIMULA LANGUAGE: Specifications, 17 March 1964, Norwegian Computing Center.
  • O.-J. Dahl, SIMULA Status report 1/10-1964, Norwegian Computing Center.
  • O.-J. Dahl, K. Nygaard, SIMULA --- an ALGOL-Based Simulation Language, CACM, 9:9, September 1966.
  • O.-J. Dahl, Discrete Event Simulation Languages, Lectures delivered at the NATO Summer School, Villard-de-Lans, September, 1966. Booklet, April 1967.
  • O.-J. Dahl, K. Nygaard, Class and Subclass Declarations, Presented at IFIP Working Conference on Simulation Languages, Oslo, May 1967.
  • O.-J. Dahl, Hierarchical Program Structures, University of Oslo.
  • O.-J. Dahl, C.A.R. Hoare, Hierarchical Program Structures, draft version of paper, 1970 or later. Contains some hand-written corrections, presumably made by Dijkstra.


BOX 15

Map 1: concerning the book Selected Writings and Computing

  • Correspondence between Porch (in name of Springer) and van Gasteren (in name of Dijkstra) for the book Selected Writings on Computing: A Personal Perspective, winter -- summer 1982.
  • Handwritten corrections of the aforementioned book for Springer.
  • Galley proofs of several parts of the Springer book.
  • An entire printout of the book.
  • Several reviews of the book, both official and informal reviews. In particular, Naur's review.

Map 2: Selected EWDs 1973-1978 (1)

  • Preface to "Selected Writings on Computing: A Personal Perspective". Three versions.
  • Annotated Table of Contents, 15 pages.
  • EWD227.
  • EWD338.
  • EWD376.
  • EWD385.
  • EWD386.
  • EWD387.
  • EWD391.
  • EWD407.
  • EWD427.
  • EWD442.
  • EWD443.
  • EWD447.
  • EWD462.
  • EWD464.
  • EWD465.
  • EWD466.
  • EWD474.
  • EWD475.
  • EWD480.
  • EWD482.
  • EWD494.
  • EWD498.
  • EWD501.
  • EWD503.
  • EWD504.
  • EWD508.
  • EWD512.
  • EWD513.
  • EWD525.

Map 3: Selected EWDs 1973-1978 (2)

  • EWD528.
  • EWD538.
  • EWD539.
  • EWD554.
  • EWD561.
  • EWD563.
  • EWD570.
  • EWD573.
  • EWD575.
  • EWD576.
  • EWD577.
  • EWD578.
  • EWD582.
  • EWD584.
  • EWD585.
  • EWD594.
  • EWD603.
  • EWD607.
  • EWD608.
  • EWD611.
  • EWD613.
  • EWD614.
  • EWD618.
  • EWD622.
  • EWD623.
  • EWD629.
  • EWD635.
  • EWD636.
  • EWD637.
  • EWD639.
  • EWD643.
  • EWD648.
  • EWD650.
  • EWD671.
  • EWD673.
  • EWD675.
  • EWD678.


BOX 16


  • ACM Turing Award Lectures: the First Twenty Years, 1966-1985, ACM Press, Anthology Series, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1987.
  • E.T. Bell, Men of Mathematics, Volume One: The lives and achievements of Archimedes, Descartes, Fermat, Pascal, Newton, Leibniz, Gauss, and other famous mathematicians of history. A Pelican Book. First published 1937, published in Penguin Books 1953.
  • E.T. Bell, Men of Mathematics, Volume Two: The lives and achievements of Lobatchewsky, Abel, Hamilton, Boole, Riemann, Poincare, Cantor, and other famous mathematicians of history. A Pelican Book. First published 1937, published in Penguin Books 1953.
  • E.T. Bell, The Magic of Numbers, Dover edition, 1991.
  • M. Broy, E. Denert (eds), Pioneers and Their Contributions to Software Engineering, Springer, 2001.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, A Primer of ALGOL 60 Programming, Academic Press 1962. Contains a letter by G.J. Draper to Dijkstra, 19 December 1963.
  • E.W. Dijkstra, A Short Introduction to the Art of Programming, Indian printing, 1977.
  • G. Huet (editor), Logical Foundations of Functional Programming, Addison-Wesley, 1990.
  • J. Huxley, Man in the Modern World, Mentor Books, August 1948.
  • T.S. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, second edition, 1975.
  • Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, Reglementen, December 1980.
  • MC-Rekenafdeling, Herinneringen Mijmeringen, 30 October 1981. With a contribution by Ria Dijkstra-Debets.
  • D. Shasha, C. Lazere, Out of their Minds: the Lives and Discoveries of 15 Great Computer Scientists, Copernicus, 1995.

Translated Books

  • Russian translation of the book Structured Programming, by Dijkstra, Hoare, Dahl. Softcover and hardcover. The latter contains a letter by A. Ershov, 23 November 1978.
  • Hungarian translation of the book Structured Programming, by Dijkstra, Hoare, Dahl. The book contains a letter from P.A. Spencer to Dijkstra, 10 August 1978.
  • Japanese translation of the book Structured Programming, by Dijkstra, Hoare, Dahl. The book contains a letter from Izumi Kimura to Dijkstra, 12 November 1976.
  • Tsjech translation of Dijkstra's book A Discipline of Programming. With compliments from Professor Ershov, 15 december 1975.
  • Chinese or Japanese translation of the book A Method of Programming, by E.W. Dijkstra and W.H.J. Feijen. Saiensu-sha Company, Ltd. 1991.


  • A.P. Ershov, Edsger Wybe Dijkstra: an appreciation. Translated into English by Tony Hoare.

Newspaper articles



  • Dijkstra's Oxford Encyclopedia.
  • Dijkstra's  Hermes-Ambassador-Electric Typewriter, accompanied with documentation (booklets).
  • Dijkstra's tandem bicycle.