Category Mistakes

Category mistakes by Dijkstra, Hoare, and others

Technical Artefacts and John Reynolds


19 September 2016

Before discussing several "category mistakes" in computer science in follow-up posts, it is much preferred to first introduce a few categorical distinctions and definitions and to subsequently test these concepts on the writings of computer science's greatests (i.e., the writings of the people I and many others admire the most).


Category Mistakes in Computer Science


15 September 2016

In 2006 I defended my Ph.D. thesis at KU Leuven. Dr. X from abroad was in my defense committee. He had taken the liberty a few days earlier to share with me some of the "fundamental limitations" he had found with regard to transformational systems, such as the system I had designed, implemented, and documented for my Ph.D. defense. (A comprehensive overview of my system later appeared in Science of Computer Programming [1]). Dr. X had already published his theoretical insights and he wanted me to incorporate his findings into my Ph.D. dissertation.



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